Staffing Services

Strategic Staffing Services

Our recruiting experience is anchored in disciplined staffing fundamentals and based on a deep understanding of a company’s human resource goals.
We provide logistical efficiency in planning, acquiring and optimizing talent in every employment opportunity in which we participate.

Our SelectStaff and Virtual Recruiter service model attracts an impressive pool of talent and enables our clients to find suitable and talented people. Clients are able to manage their human capital, evaluate quality candidates and prioritize their growth and development.

Temporary Staffing solutions are customized to meet specific client needs. Short-term projects require highly specialized skills and benefit from an infusion of the latest technical abilities. We draw on our research and profiling instruments to recruit and retain top-level contractors.

Contract to Hire employees go through regular interviews, reference checks and testing. At the end of the contract, our clients have the option to hire the assigned employee. This allows clients to try out a key resource before making a full-time hire.

Permanent and Direct Hire services leverage the breadth of our experience to assess, attract and appoint the best talent. Our presence in multiple locations enables our recruiters to act effectively in resource mobilization and deployment.